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Dark Wood Floor
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Appliances that MAKE the room!

At the GoRentStay rental cabin just outside of Blue Ridge, GA in Cherry Log we are underway picking out some of the most important touches of any place, the appliances!

With an open floor plan kitchen, picking out the perfect appliances to match the room, fill voids and add character was a huge priority for us! It's easy to see the modern black cabinets so what came first to mind it is NOT the typical white fridge, that's for sure!

First thoughts on appliances that came to mind were, NO white, NOPE. So with black cabinets and brushed silver handles.....let's find if there is exactly that! Annnnddd.... as I once said... "Ba Bam!" .....The Cafe collection! Nailed it!

Once we placed in all appliances it instantly completed the tone of modern and elegant! Now it's time to test all, run water through the fridge to clear the filters and off we go!

The Boujee Moose cabin


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